Crypto MLM Software: How is it different from Traditional MLM

Blockchain has transformed the conventional multi-level marketing (MLM) business. Cryptocurrency, backed by blockchain technology, has introduced automated, fast-paced transactions in digital coins, adding a new perspective to the whole system.

Compared to fiat currencies, digital coins bring in a series of advantages:

  • Fiat currencies are limited to national boundaries, while digital coins are accepted across the world.
  • Transaction fees are considerably less, irrespective of the amount transferred.
  • Based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are harder for hackers to attack, compared to fiat currencies.

Blockchain-based crypto MLM software facilitates fast, easy, and secure transactions. While the traditional MLM process is beset with delayed transactions, crypto MLM software enables instant and automated pay-outs, owing to a smart contract. Furthermore, the conventional MLM process lacks transparency, with a single authority controlling the entire system. On the contrary, blockchain-based crypto MLM software brings everything on a distributed ledger that is accessible to everyone on the network, thereby promoting transparency — which, in turn, helps gain people’s trust in MLM businesses.

Contrary to conventional MLM businesses, which ran on paper contracts and the whims of the promoters, cryptocurrency MLM software is algorithmic. A smart contract — which is a code that triggers actions when certain pre-defined conditions are met — automates transactions and the distribution of funds. The smart contract is immutable, which means that it cannot be changed by anyone (not even by its creators) once it is on the blockchain.

Backed by blockchain, crypto MLM software puts up a transparent and secure system that provides for immediate availability of funds. The distribution of funds in the form of digital coins happens in real time and there is absolutely no waiting period. The system totally eliminates time-consuming back-office reconciliation processes.

There is no possibility of any kind of fraud as each transaction is immutably registered on the distributed ledger. There is no involvement of third party which also rules out biased or whimsical behavior.

Thanks to the inherent advantages of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency MLM software is decisively better than the conventional MLM. Immutable transaction records in the distributed ledger and smart contracts have fundamentally changed the way MLM businesses operated.

If you are planning to build your crypto MLM software, Antier Solutions can help. We offer a white label smart-contract-based MLM solution to help you quickly launch your MLM platform. In addition, we specialize in delivering custom services to build a blockchain-based MLM platform from scratch.

Schedule a free demo of our white label crypto MLM software or connect with our subject matter experts to share your needs for a custom MLM platform built from the ground up.



Antier Solutions is a leading stable coin development company offering high-grade coin stablecoin development services.

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Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is a leading stable coin development company offering high-grade coin stablecoin development services.